Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Are you a Blogger or “Wanna Be” Blogger?

There is something satisfying writing about your passion and the things you love doing.  That is what blogging is all about.  But, can you really make money blogging?  Absolutely!  One of the big reasons is that you are a blogger!  You are writing about your passion, that thing that you love to do!  The words flow easily when you writing about a subject you love.  My passion is House Sitting.  My wife and I are Traveling the World House Sitting.

Here is the link to my blog.

How does one make money on their blog?

If one wants to make money with their blog, they need to sell products or services related to their Blog subject.  Take for instance my Blog,  I would be kind of foolish trying to sell something on my blog that is NOT related to my subject matter.  After all, my audience are House Sitters, Home owners that need House Sitters and people that wish to travel.  Therefore, I sell services that put together house sitters and home owners as well as other travel related products and services.  I sell Travel insurance, Hotel Reservations, Rental car reservations and tour services on my site.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging

But how does someone go about selling
these products/services?

No, I don’t have my own companies that I do all of this stuff myself.  I sell what is called Affiliate Marketing Products.  I am able to sell other people’s products and make a percentage off of them.  No investment, no inventory, no shipping, just a percentage of their sales!  The big product name that comes to mind is  That is where you can find products from.  To sell services, just google the service you want to sell + affiliate sales.  Chances are you will learn how to sell just about any product with Affiliate Marketing.

So, I just set up an online store and wait for sales?

NOPE!  That is a big no.  It would be very difficult to get visitors to your “Online Store” if you depended on them coming through your home page.  There is just too much competition and paid ads out there.  The way you get traffic is through “Affiliate Marketing REVIEWS”.  This is where you take a product and write a nice review on that product and then sell the product on the review page.  Confused?  Click here for a better explanation.

How do I get people to come to my Blog page?

Traffic is generated from something called SEO.  SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.  This process starts with the naming of each blog post.  This sets the stage for using keywords in all your posts.  Yes, you guessed it, The title will contain your keyword!  There is a lot more to SEO that can’t be explained in one paragraph.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging

How do I put this all together to make money?

I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is the all in one package that allows you to put together a, “Affiliate Review” web page.  They guide you through the process step by step and as you are learning, you are starting your own BLOG!  I have written a “Review” of Wealthy Affiliate that explains things even further.

If your are ready to take control of your life
and start making money check it out!

Can You Really Make Money Blogging

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Can You Really Make Money Blogging?
Hell Yes!

I have finally found the way to make money with my own website. This website was created to show you how to have “Your Own Money Making Website”.

What is the Free Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership About? With a Sneak Peek!

What is the Free Wealthy Affiliate
Free Membership About?
With a Sneak Peek!

First of all, it is completely FREE
to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate

Often times, when you sign up for something, they say it is FREE to sign up and it isn’t.  Beware of a company that says their service is free and then ask for your credit card information.  What they are saying is that it is free for a while and then you will automatically be signed up after a period of time.  I am sure you are familiar with this “concept of FREE”.  Wealthy Affiliate is not that way at all.

Wealthy Affiliate only wants your Name and Email

Yes, you heard that right.  When you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, you will not be asked for any information other than your name and email.  No Credit Card information is requested!  It is completely free to start your free membership with Wealthy Affiliate.  In fact, below is a screen shot of the sign up page on Wealthy Affiliate.  You can see for yourself it asks for your Full Name, Email, Password and Username.  That is it!  With Wealthy Affiliate you will not suddenly get a charge on your credit card that you are not expecting!

What is the Free Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership About

What does the Free Starter Portion
of Wealthy Affiliate include?

OK, at this point I want to be honest with you.  This is a starter membership, they offer a whole lot with this Starter Option.  However, when you get serious about building your Web Page and making money, you will want to go Premium.  Did you hear what I said?  “You will WANT to go Premium”.  I did not say you will have to, or you will be automatically updated.  “You will WANT to go Premium”!  Below is what is included in the Starter Option vs The Premium Option of the Wealthy Affiliate product.  EVERYONE that signs up for Wealthy Affiliate, starts out with the Starter Option.

This “Try Before You Buy” option of the Starter Package gives you a lot of free stuff!  You can immediately start your training and at the same time begin building your own Web Site.  You will have Live help for seven days.  Any time you have a problem, help is there to get you going again.  I could retype all the information on the chart below, but I will just let you read the chart.

What is the Free Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership About

 Once you sign up for you Free Starter Kit
This is where you will end up

As you can see, you will start right away understanding the concept of “Affiliate Review Marketing” and then get down to  the “nitty  gritty” of building your own website!  This is the beginning of your free training, not to mention free websites etc etc.

What is the Free Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership AboutWant a sneak peek of
what it will look like? 
Click Here to go to the
Actual Training Module!

There are no secrets with Wealthy Affiliate!

We believe in the product so much that we know you will want to upgrade to the Premium at a later time.  I have done a Review on Wealthy Affiliate and would like to share it with you HERE.

I have finally found the way to make money with my own website. This website was created to show you how to have “Your Own Money Making Website”.

What is the Best to Make Money Online?

 What is the Best to Make Money Online?

I was always looking for a way to
make some extra money.

In the past, I made money having my own little business basically doing “hard labor”. Yes, I am good at making money using my hands. The types of money making ventures included “Handy Man”, “Yard Man”, “Upholsterer” and a “carpenter”. Always getting my hands dirty to make any kind of extra cash. So, what is the best way to make money online?  Read further.

What is the Best to Make Money Online

I wanted to make money on the internet. Every time I turned around, I would read articles how “everyone was making money”. Quick, Easy and Fast. That “anybody” could do it! With very little work and no knowledge, I could be making money in no time. In fact, the internet advertising led me to believe that people were making big money with little or no effort and no education. They bragged that I could have a web site up and running with very little time invested and with very little effort and make big money immediately.

Yeah right! Whatever I tried, I had zero results!
I felt very stupid because I could not make it work.
So, What is the Best to Make Money Online?

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate

What is the Best to Make Money Online

I will uncover the secrets!

I Found the website. Two guys, Carson and Kyle have put together a program to teach us how to do it. Their program consists of more than just “how to do it”, it also includes all the tools that you need to be successful. And then to top that, they formed an entire community of people who are doing the same thing and are there to help each other out! The entire premise is to help out your fellow man and the money will follow.

I liked that Premise!

The coolest thing is that you can get started for FREE!

I want to ask you a question. Have you ever paid someone cash money for a used car without taking it for a test drive? I am sure the answer to that question is a big fat NO! A person would have to be crazy to buy a used car without a good test drive. So why should getting started in your own website business be any different. Not only will you get a “test drive” with Wealthy Affiliate, you will be able to try it as long as you want for FREE! Ok, Ok, I know you are not buying a used care here, I just wanted to set up the Analogy to show you that you can get started for Free.

Yes, you heard me right. does not want to take your money without showing you what is possible and how the process works. You can sign up FREE and get started right away with no obligation. They will even let you set up your web site on their servers free of charge! I know it sounds crazy! You get to jump in and get started with no money invested at all.

I am not going to lie to you!

  1. It will involve time and effort!
  2. It will not be easy!
  3. It will mean working and studying hard
  4. It will not be easy!
  5. It will mean working and studying hard
    What is the Best to Make Money Online

    But you will Have help from Helping Hands are a Key Stroke Away!

    But you will Have help from people who have done it before!  Someone to hold your hand and walk you through the process!  And when I say, hold your hand, you will have a huge team of people who will do just that!

There are four Basic Steps on
How to make money on your Website

Find your Passion

Build a Website

Attract Visitors

Earn Revenue

Let me explain each step

Find Your Passion

What is your passion? What do you think about all the time? What is that one thing that that inspires you and gets you excited when you think about it? What will your “niche market” be? This will be the start for your website and you can build your business off of it There are over 3.75 Billion People online and regardless of your “niche” choice, you can be very successful!

Our passion is House Sitting. So we went with that. We have been very successful House Sitting and feel like we have become experts on the subject. We have learned a lot over the last two years about House Sitting. We take everything we have leaned and help people. With a little of our knowledge, they are able to land those Incredible House Sits to get into House Sitting that are interested. Remember the statement from before, to help out your fellow man?

Our House Sitting site an be found here: Travel The World House Sitting

And the great thing? We have FUN with our Niche Market because it is something we absolutely love. When you choose your passion, success is much more likely to follow and it WILL follow when you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Build Your Website

Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through the process step by step so don’t
let this statement scare you. Even if you don’t know a thing about
building a web site, they will get you through it.

What is the Best to Make Money Online

We will give you the tools to Build it!

It will be overwhelming at times, I did tell you that it would be WORK to do this! It won’t happen in one day it will take time. Yes, they will help you get the main site up and running and looking good very quickly, but it takes time and work to post your material on your site. And the great thing is that you have thousands of people that are signed up and willing to help you with any questions you might have. Need help? Put your question up on a forum and it will be answered immediately by someone that has been there.

Your website is going to be the foundation of your business. Think of it as a “storefront” where you can generate revenue from it. There are MANY steps and techniques to do this and Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all about it. At you will have access to the most advanced website and hosting platform in the world.
It is built for the most experienced entrepreneurs but also has an ease of use that even a “newbie” can thrive from.

Attract Visitors to your Website

In order to make money from your website, your goal must be to focus on getting actual people to that website. You need people in order to sell or advertise to. This is a critical aspect of your business.

What you will learn, is that this process starts very early on in your web site creation. Within the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to attract relevant customers to your website through rankings in all the search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Earn Revenue

Now you have built your website properly step by step. You have optimized it to draw in your relevant customers to your website.What is the Best to Make Money Online The way to make money through your website Is through special programs called “affiliate programs” which are completely free to join.

With affiliate programs, you can pretty much promote any item you wish to sell. The trick is to sell items that are relevant to your Niche Market. On our website, we only promote items that we have used or come across in our House Sitting. With Affiliate Marketing, you point people to buy things from their website and you make a percentage of the sales price in commissions. There are many Affiliate Marketing Websites and you will find out about them

There you have it! The four basic steps to make money!

I am just giving you a general idea of what it takes to get started and the general idea of how things work. I put these facts in front of you honestly and tell you that these four steps are what attracted me to use WealthyAffiliates to build our own online business. I myself have a long way to go and I am learning something new every day. This is a business that does NOT happen overnight and involves a lot of time and work. However, since the niche is your passion, you will enjoy working on your website.

Building Blocks for Your Own Money Making Website

There are three “Building Blocks” to building your successful Money Making Website.

All three must be present! If any one of these is missing, you will NOT be successful with your website. Not only are all three a must, but they intertwine. They all happen together, not separately. It is easier to break them up into categories for me to explain a successful website. If one of these is missing, the builder “the man at the top” has nothing to stand on! You will learn more about these building blocks as you continue into this website.

I will promise you this

You will NOT find a way to make money online with no real work. Sure, you could pay someone else to do your work. That is not what I am talking about. Don’t you think the rest of the world would be doing just that if there was a way? And if you do find a way to make instant money with very little work, PLEASE let me know about it.

I Hope I got you excited!

So, let me recap. will get you started for FREE! They will give you the tools you need to get started on Creating “Your Own Money Making Website!

 What is the Best to Make Money Online?
Wealthy Affiliate!

If you are ready for a free Test Drive, click on the banner below!

What is the Best to Make Money Online

I have finally found the way to make money with my own website. This website was created to show you how to have “Your Own Money Making Website”.

Wealthy Affiliate | Can You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Can You Make Money with
Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Can you Make Money with Affiliate Marketing? Let me show you how.  Affilate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products or services. You find a product or service you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. And most important.

Can You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

The biggest benefit of Affiliate Marketing is no Investment in the product /service. No inventory, no storage, no shipping and no billing. The company who you are selling for is going to pay for all of that. Your expenses are only your web site and the related expenses for that site.

can you make money affiliate marketing are the “big boys” with Affiliate Marketing

The first company that comes to mind is EVERY item that they sell, you can sell and keep a percentage of the profits! Not only that, they make it super easy! Here are the simple steps to sell from them.

  1. Join up and become an Amazon Affiliate
  2. Sign in to your Amazon Affiliate Dashboard
  3. Do a search for the product to sell
  4. copy the code
  5. paste the code into your website
  6. Now you have a clickable link to sell you Product
  7. The clickable product link will have your “Affiliate Code” to get you paid!

Here is an example below

Here is another ways to post your ads
For the same product!

You can affiliate market almost every product or service

When one thinks of Affiliate Marketing, they think of Amazon products and think no further. Actually they are great for “Product Sales” But, did you know you can sell almost any sercice out there as an affiliate?

Just “Google” the product or service you want to sell with the words “Affiliate Program” next to it. Chances are that you will find a product or service with an affiliate program.

I Googled “rental cars affiliate program” and this is the beginning of the list (after the ads of course). Just follow the links after you have chosen what company to use and get ready to place their products on your web page.

can you make money affiliate marketing

Finding an Affiliate Program

You have the links, now what?

This is the big question. Many people think that they will create an online store and fill it up with products and suddenly make a lot of money. But think about it, how are you going to get people to come to your store? Take for instance a Web Site store on Cell Phones. You could build the most beautiful website and put it out there. BUT, how are you going to get traffic to your site when there are thousands of stores already out there. Not to mention stores with high ratings that get all the hits as they are on the front page of a Google search, or because they are advertising to be on the first page of a Google search. You need a way to sell product without relying about the popularity of an online store. Seems rather impossible for a newbie to sell anything!

can you make money affiliate marketing

How do you sell product?

Let me tell you about Affiliate Review Marketing

I am going to explain something to you that is going to blow you away. People will be clicking directly to the post you create to buy your product. They do NOT come through your store but directly to your post. Let me explain……………..

Say a customer is thinking seriously about buying a Samsung Note 8. As you can see, they are quite expensive! So, they are going to do some research first before spending all that money! So what do they do? They input “Galaxy Note 8 Review” into Google in order to do some research. And yes, they can use other wording, but I think you get the idea.

So, go ahead and type in “Galaxy Note 8 Review” in to Google and see what you get. I have scrolled down below the paid ads and this is what we see. Various Reviews for the Galaxy Note 8. Let’s pick out the review from

can you make money affiliate marketing

Here is a screen shot of the review post

This is only part of the review that has done on the Samsung Note 8. There is usually much more information for a good review. But, look at the two little purple boxes on the right that the red arrows are pointing at, guess what? The are Amazon Affiliate Links!

After reading a well informed positive review on a product, the customer is ready to purchase his item. This is how you are going to sell product!

A few more things to know about Affiliate Reviews is that number one, you want to create a Niche Web Site and sell products that are related to that Niche. And secondly, you want to review products you have used are have confidence in. You would not write a review on a inferior product or service.

can you make money affiliate marketing|

So, how does this come together?
Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate are the guys that help you turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business. They are an organization that has everything you need to build your own money making website!  They not only take you by the hand for the training but they host your web site and register your domain.  You don’t have to leave their site to get things done.

Wealthy Affiliate Will Walk you through the
PROCESS of Web Building

This is how I have become successful in my business.  They take you by the hand and give you the training you need.  As you are learning, you are building your web site.  And, I must add, building your web site the right way.  The right way to attract customers so you can make money.  After all, that is what it is all about!

Let’s face it, whenever you start a new endeavor, it can be overwhelming.  Where do you begin?  what is most important?  All of these questions and self doubts come poring in.

Wealthy Affiliate starts at point A and takes you by the hand.  They will take care of teaching you the PROCESS of building a successful website.

Can You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

WA will show you the Process

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you to be PRODUCTIVE

With the training of Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn to be productive when you follow their lessons.  These guys know how to teach people to build websites.  They have thousands of satisfied customers.  I have found that the way to be productive building your web site is to “Turn off your social media” when you are working.

Yes, you will use Social Media to grow your site.  But there is a time for that, not while trying to concentrate on content!

Can You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

WA will show you how to be productive


Wealthy Affiliate has a great SUPPORT staff

Every member of Wealthy Affiliate is there for your support.  As you learn and grow, you will be helping other members with any problems building your site.  You simply ask your question at the top and the answer will come up or the question will be broadcasted to everyone.  The support is incredible and you will get help instantaneously.

Sometimes, you have a problem with the web site and you can send in a ticket to the Support Team.  I have always gotten swift answers from them.

Can You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

WA has incredible support

Wealthy Affiliate is very AFFORDABLE

How affordable?  You can get started with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE!  Is that affordable enough for you?  When you sign up, they will NOT ask for any credit card information.  Just your name and email, that is all.  Have you ever heard of another company that does this?  Of course, as you go on, you will want to invest and go to a higher level of learning from them.  

Here is a chart to show you costs for Wealthy Affiliate

Can You Make Money with
Affiliate Marketing?


You can make money online with Affiliate Marketing!  You just need the right team on your side to give you the tools and education to build your web site.  I have explained how the process works and the Greatest Team in The World” to join up with.  So don’t wait, get signed up now!  Remember, it is FREE for a starter kit!

Read my Review on Wealthy Affiliate Below






I have finally found the way to make money with my own website. This website was created to show you how to have “Your Own Money Making Website”.