How to Add YouTube Video to your WordPress Website


Adding a YouTube Video to you your WordPress Website is not “rocket science but there are a few steps you will need to follow in order to do add one.  I am going to walk you step by step on how to easily do this.  Since my last post, YouTube has changed up things in order to embed a Video properly. So, this post has changed a little.


Big change on the way you embed your video

The big change is they give you a way to get rid of “suggested videos” when your video is finished.  It is NOT good practice to have these pop up.  You surely don’t want your customer to go to someone else’s page!  You want them to either keep on viewing your page or click on your link!  Here is an example of the suggested video found at the end of our sample video.

The big change is they give you a way to get rid of "suggested videos" when your video is finished. It is NOT good practice to have these pop up. You surely don't want your customer to go to someone else's page! You want them

Here’s how you do it

Go to the YouTube video you want to insert into your post

At the bottom, you will see a link called “share”.  Click on this, this will give you the code that you need to copy to get the “embed code” inside of your post.  Remember, if you are on someone else’s video and this code pops up.  That means that they have posted it publically and you are allowed to use it in your BLOG.

How to Add Youtube Video to your WordPress Website

OK, here is the new little trick

When the next little box opens up you want to uncheck the “show suggested videos”.  This will take care of the problem.  Now when your video is finished there will be a blank screen  NOT advertisement to entice your customers away!

How to Add Youtube Video to your WordPress Website

Now is the time to copy the “embed code”

When I copy and paste I like to use “keyboard shortcuts”, once you learn these, they become second nature and speed things up

CNTRL-A for choose all,
CNTRL-C is for copy
CNTRL-V is for paste.
Try it!  You will like it

For some reason, this little box is always to the right and off the screen.  I click on the text and do a CNTRL-A to choose all and then copy the embed code  OK, now you have it!

How to Add Youtube Video to your WordPress Website

Now it is time to go to your WordPress “Edit Post” page 

When you are editing your Blog Post there are two “views” on your editor that you work on.  First is the Visual View, this is where you normally do your typing and adding Media etc.  When you embed code, you must do in the Text View.  But how do you know where to paste your embed code?

How to Add Youtube Video to your WordPress Website

I have a simple trick to know where to embed the code

While still on your Visual View, chose where you want the video to go and type in some XXXXX’s.

How to Add Youtube Video to your WordPress Website

Now, switch over to the Text View

Search for your XXXXX’s.  Highlight the XXXXX’s and do a paste.  Your code is now in the right place and your XXXXX’s have disappeared!

Go back to your Visual View and find your video

You will probably need to center it here and make it larger

.  Note:  There is a little box that shows up above your video but it will NOT show up on your finished project.   Click save and be sure to preview your changes before publishing.

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4 thoughts on “How to Add YouTube Video to your WordPress Website

  1. Thank you a lot for this informative post. I have been asking myself how to do that, as i would like to include some youtube videos on my website, then here pops up your site with short and all detailed informations i really needed.
    But do i need the owners’ permission to copy videos to my site?

    • Hello Peniel

      First of all, I am NOT a copy write lawyer.

      My understanding is that if someone posts a video and marks it PUBLIC, it is just that, PUBLIC.
      When you click on the share link on YouTube, only PUBLIC videos will give you the link to share.

      Hope this helps,

  2. When I got my first website up and running, I wanted to add youtube videos to some of my posts but I didn’t know exactly how to do it so I didn’t. Until I came across one video tutorial just like this at WA and realized it’s actually quite simple.

    In my post where I added a youtube video for the first time, I did it by embedding the video.Meaning, I did it in exactly the same way you taught in your video tutorial and it was all good. But recently, I wrote an article and I added a youtube video but I did it differently. I did not embed nor copied the code on the share button. Instead I copied the url link and pasted it directly on my article. Do you think it’s okay to do that instead of embedding the video and copying the code? Maybe the video I copied was not public and once it’s taken down, the video will also disappear from my post. What do you suggest I should do?

    • Hi Alice, I believe that by doing the “share” button, you are insuring that the video is indeed “public”
      and allowed to be used on your website. I think by using Embed Responsively, you get the benefit of the video being a nice size on your Post.

      I hope this helps!


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