The How to of SEO for WordPress

How to of SEO for WordPress

What is SEO and why do you need to do it?

You have decided to write a BLOG and you can’t wait for the world to see what you have to share.  But, how is anybody going to find what you have spent so much time writing?  How are you going to get your web site in front of people?  Quite frankly, the number one way people will find your BLOG/Website is doing a search on a Search Engine.   In fact over 90% of online experiences start with a search engine and almost 70% of the time people are using Google as their search engine.  This is where you are going to learn the How to of SEO for WordPress.

Wikipedia defines Search engine optimization (SEO) as “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results”.  In other words, you need to learn the basics of SEO in order for people to see that BLOG you are working so hard on.  We are going to show you the basics of Search Engine Optimization with our BLOG, “The How to of SEO for WordPress”.

The How to of SEO for WordPress

How Does Google Search Work?

The ins and outs of a Google Search change very often.  No one knows EXACTLY how a google search works.  However, there are some basic guidelines on this.  The Following Video is from Google and explains the basics

 Is this an “All You Need to Know” guide for SEO?

There is so much to SEO that it would take Huge Books or many Web Posts to explain it all.  In fact, in my opinion there is not one place or person who knows everything about SEO.  It is a constantly changing and growing science.   There are many experts in  this field who have devoted their lives to writing books and or paid websites instructing you how to  SEO your websites.

This post is an attempt to show you the Basics of SEO and how to get started with SEO on your new or existing BLOG.  I haveI have taken the information that I have learned from the research I have done while building my own Blogs.  Not only searching the web, but learning from the company that has taught me “How to build my Own Money Making Website”.  This company of course is Wealthy Affiliate and I will talk about them later.

Starting Point to Learn SEO

Starting Point to Learn SEO

The Two Types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On Page (internal) Search Engine Optimization

This is the things you do to your BLOG post itself.  It starts at the inception of the idea of the post and goes through until the Post has been published.

Off Page (external) Search Engine Optimization

This is the things you do AFTER you publish your Blog.  This is where you shout out to the world “I have published my BLOG and here it is!  Come and take a look at it”!

You will need both On Page and Off Page SEO to be successful in your endeavors.   This article will only cover On Page (Internal) Optimization.  

the how to of seo for wordpress

Good Search Engine Optimization centers around your Content

I don’t care what you do to optimize your site.  The one thing you need to know is that you have to write  “Good Content”.  You need to be writing  “to the public” and not the search engines.  You must be attempting  to help and educate your audience.  The content should be easy to read and understandable You will need to write posts very often and constantly update your old posts.  Some experts believe that in order to be successful in this type of endeavor, you need to be publishing  two to three posts a week!  That’s a lot of writing.  Google is not going to look at your website with two pages and rate it high.  They want to see continuous input and growth to your site.

The How to of SEO for WordPress

Content is King

Now to the “Nitty Gritty” of The How to of SEO for WordPress

Choose Your Keyword Phrase

After you come up with an idea for a BLOG post, choosing your Keyword Phrase is the first step in SEO.   A Key Word phrase is what you think your prospective viewer is going to type in to the search engine box to find your post.  The longer the phrase and more pinpointing it is, the better.

The Search for your keyword Phrase can not and should not be taken lightly.  This step is paramount on your post scoring high on the Search Engines.  It is not a guarantee, but rather the most important point.

 So, how do you find your keyword phrase?

I use “Jaaxy keyword Tool”.  It is an online Keyword Tool that help you pinpoint that great Keyword that is going to score you high If everything else in  place.  I highly recommend this Tool as it will save you time and give you excellent results.  Jaaxy gives you an opportunity to try their product for free to show you how powerful it is and what it can do for you.  I have written a review on Jaaxy that explains on how it works and what it can do for you.

the how to of seo for wordpress

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Plugin

Click Here to
Learn about Jaaxy

There are specific Locations your Keyword Phrases need to be placed

  • The URL of the Post
  • The Meta Description of your Post
  • The H1 Title of your Post
  • The H2 subheadings of your Post
  • The body of your Text  (need a certain density%)
  • The URL of the images on your Post
  • The Title of the images on your Post
  • The “alt” area of the images on your Post
the how to of seo for wordpress

Where to Put Keywords

  • With this in Mind, Now Write Your Content

    You should start with an H1 heading (of the keyword phrase) and center it.  Now you are ready to start writing.  You will be writing small paragraphs and each “thought should have an H2 heading.  Just take a look at this post and you will see what I am talking about.  Try to keep in mind the keyword phrase rules and keep on writing!

  • the how to of seo for wordpress 1

    Write Your Content

  • An important thing to mention as you write your content are links.  A Post with good SEO requires “internal links” (pointing to your own site” and “external links” (pointing to other sites.  Google loves for you to have both.  So, add some of those!  A good external link is a Wikipedia definition like I placed at the beginning of this article.

After you write you content, be sure to “categorize” you page and then create Your “Tags”.  Don’t overdo either one.  Your post should only be in one or two categories.  Also, limit your tags.  Less is More in this case.

I am not going to talk to much about content in this article.  We will need to discuss that later.  Once you are happy with your content, go to the next step of Uploading your Images

Now it is time to upload your Images

You will need to have images on your Blog Post.  Images not only make your site much nicer to look at, they also relay information and help with  Search Engine Optimization.  The Images need to be related to the content that you have just written.  I like to place and image next to each major idea
Keep in mind, that the keyword Phrase needs to be in three places when you upload your images

The URL of the images
The Title of the images
The “alt” area of the images

Also, every image must be captioned.  There are different statistics about Image Captions, but there is a consensus that Image Captions are read 300% more than the text in the body of your post!

the how to of seo for wordpress

Upload Your Image

A final word about adding images are the “sizes of the files” of the images.  The larger the “file sizes”, the slower your Post will load.  Whenever you add an image in WordPress, you have a choice of what size you want to show the image on your post.  However, If you take a large image and tell WordPress to display as a medium size image, The file size will remain at the original size.  So, you must reduce the “file size” of your image before you upload your images!

Please see my other post on Uploading Images Here.  I have a certain way that I add all my images to make things go smoother and to shorten the time it takes to complete this task.

Click Here to learn
How to Upload your Images to your post

Embed a YouTube Video into your Post

New statistics show that adding a Video to your Blog Post will help with your SEO ratings on Google.  If you want your BLOG to be successful, You will need to embed a video from YouTube.  There are two types of video to embed from YouTube.  The first is a video that you find on YouTube related to your BLOG post.  The second of course being a video that you make and upload to YouTube.  Yes, making a video is time consuming but embedding your own Video that you created is so much more powerful than someone else’s Video.  At the beginning of this article, I have embedded a Video from Google on how a google search works.

I have created an article on how to embed a YouTube video on your Blog Post.  It is not a hard thing to do but there are steps that need to followed in order to have a seamless presentation of a video on your site.

Click Here to Learn
How to add YouTube Video to Your WordPress Website

the how to of seo for wordpress

Embed a Video

Checking Your Blog Post for SEO BEFORE you Publish

You will need to find a good SEO Plugin for your WordPress Site

Having a good SEO plugin for your BLOG is a MUST for SEO purposes.  There are a few very good ones.  I happen to use the Yoast SEO plug in.  It will keep track of Your SEO tasks, Help you with these Tasks and “grade you” upon the completion of the tasks before you publish your post.  Once you start using it, you will not publish a post with out it.

Yoast SEO Plugin will help you keep track of your Keyword phrase placement and actually do an analysis on your Keyword SEO.  Red light?  You need to change some things!  Green Light?  Your BLOG is ready to post.  It analyzes fifteen different things and lets you know what to do to change them if there is a problem.

the how to of seo for wordpress

The best SEO choice

Yoast SEO Plugin will also grade your post for “Readability”.  It measures your writing in seven different areas and will also explain how to change things to make your Post more readable.

There is one final caveat of The Yoast SEO Plugin.  It will also control how your Facebook and Twitter Posts look when you share them on Social Media.  It lets you input a Title, description and upload the image you prefer to use on the two Social Media Outlets.

Click Here to Learn
How to Use The Yoast SEO Plugin

These are the Basics of The How to of SEO for WordPress

Learning new SEO techniques will be an ongoing process.  This is a constantly changing subject.  You will need to be continuously educating yourself on not only SEO but BLOG authoring techniques in general.

The Place I have learned the most and continue to learn is  In fact this is where I started in getting my Blog Started.  I highly recommend them and have done a REVIEW on them to explain what they can do for YOU!  The good news is that you can take a look and get started absolutely FREE!

Check Out The Review Here

I have finally found the way to make money with my own website. This website was created to show you how to have “Your Own Money Making Website”.

Add an Image to WordPress Blog

  Add an Image to WordPress Blog

Properly Uploaded  Images are Important in Your Blog

First of all, a website without images is BORING.  Images grab the eye and engage the reader at first glance.  It is a fact that people skim over a website first reading the Heading, Subheadings and looking at the images.  A step further, they read the captions under the image.  In fact they are three times more apt to read a caption under an image than the text itself.  You can to start see why adding images to a Blog is so important!

Images are also a big part of the SEO process and keywords are used in adding you images behind the scenes when you upload them.  They need to relate to the content and also be captioned to help convey the message you are trying to share.

Add an Image to WordPress

Things to consider when you are add an Image to WordPress Blog

This post will try to make things simple.  First of all, where do you get the images?  How do you organize them for ease of uploading?  How do I make the images smaller for quicker upload times?  What do you name them for correct SEO?  And lastly, How are they added to your BLOG?

I am going to show you how I do things.  Just like anything else, there is more than one way to do things.  I will explain what I do , why and try to make things simple for you when it is time to add an image to WordPress.  I usually follow the same exact procedure whenever I do a BLOG.

Add an Image to WordPress

Where do You Get Images for your BLOG?

Take Your Own Photos

These are the photos that you take yourself with your camera.  Especially if you are doing a Travel Blog or something similar.

Online Images

Images downloaded online from the web.  Of course we are talking “legally” procuring these.  There are a LOT of sources to download free images.  All you have to do, is google “free images for web page” and you will have all kinds of results.  Some people pay for their images and sometimes, you just might have to pay for “just the right image”. The web site I use the most for my free images is  They have over 1.1 million pictures to use and you can do a search for your images to get just the right one.

Add an Image to WordPress

Screen Shot Images

These are important if you are trying to do a tutorial or show something that is on the monitor of your computer.  These are not that hard to do but, there is a certain way to do these.

Check out the tutorial Here on How to Use a Screen Shot


Organizing and Downloading Your Images

When images are downloaded, they need to be  put in a subfolder of your Blog folder named after the Keyword Phrase  (Title) of the post that is being written.  Remember, this Keyword is very important every step of the image process.  It is important to have them all in the same place to make the process flow smoothly.  I like to create a folder called “Images”.  If I am going to create screen shots, I make another folder called “Screen Shots”.  I will explain why I do that later.

Add and Image to WordPress

How to Organize your Images

Images are usually downloaded after all the content has been written.  That way you will know what kind of images you need.  Remember, the images need to relate not only the Blog Post but when placed in the blog, they need to relate to each Idea (Sub Heading) you have written about.

The way I hunt for my images is simple.  I open up my and start my search.  First I do a search related to the Keyword Phrase of my post.  Then one at a time, I do a search on each Subheading (idea).  If I see two or three in each search I download them all.  I do this until I think I have enough images to choose from.  I probably won’t use them all, but I will have lots of images to chose from.

Resizing Images for Uploading to Your Post

It is important to resize you images in order for your post to load quickly.  Fast Loading is a big part of SEO.  Your images must be optimized.  So, what does this mean?  When you download images or take your own photos, they are usually pretty high quality in case someone wants to print them.  But for internet use, they don’t need to be such high quality images that have a “large image file size”.

If you were to upload these pictures to your WordPress Blog, you will have an opportunity to change how large the image is on the Post.  It can be a large, medium or even small picture.  But!  And a BIG BUT, the size of the “image file size” will still be the same huge size!  We have to change this before it is uploaded.

A quick note here before I show you how to resize your image file sizes.  I don’t normally resize “Screen Shot Images” as much as the other images.  Why?  Because they will be large on your post and they must be very clear.  Nothing worse than building a tutorial and have the quality so poor, that your reader can’t make it out.

I use PIXresizer to optimize my image file sizes

PIXresizer is a FREE program and you can resize an entire folder of images at one time.  You can download the program from many places.  Just google Pix Resizer and you will find it!  Here is what the program looks like when you open it.

It is a simple program but I am going to walk you through it’s use.  Follow the arrows with number please.

  1. Make sure “Work with multiple files” is chosen
  2. find the source “file folder” of where your files are
  3. Where do you want your new files to go?  I chose the same file as above and then do an add file (resized) to it
  4. I usually convert my pictures to 600 X 397
  5. Save Pictures to the file folder

add an image to wordpressThat all there is to it. And it was so easy to work on your entire group of pictures at one time instead of one by one.

For an example, I took The following image and reduced it, Can you even see the difference in quality?  The image on the Bottom uses only 53.9 KB compared to 133KB.  Yet, they look the same on the screen!  You can see what a difference this would make if you were loading multiple images on your Blog Post!

960 X 635
133 KB

600 X 397
53.9 Kb

Rename Your Images

Now it’s time to rename the names of each and every image to your Key Word Phrase.  No worries, this will go quickly and will not be as hard as you think.

First do a copy of your keyword.  The keyword for this post is “Add an Image to WordPress”.  Be sure to leave it exactly as it is with spaces and all.

Open up your File explorer and find where your images are saved.  Remember, they will be in a subfolder called resized.  I like to choose the “view” to large icons.  this seems to work for me.

I am going to tell you the steps so this goes quickly.

Right Click on Image
left click on “rename”
Paste (control-v)
put a number in

DONE!  Now go to the next one!

It was that easy!  If you look back at all of your images, they should all be renamed the “keyword” with a space and a number.  Now all of your images have a keyword.

Add an Image to WordPress

Renaming Your Image

Add your images to your post

You will be adding your images in “visual view” just like when you do your writing for your Blog.  I do have to warn you right now, What things look like on your dashboard may be different than your actual browser.  Add one picture at a time, save draft and then do a “preview” on your browser.  That way you will make sure the image is in the correct position.  Work your way down until all your images are placed correctly.

When you open up your “add media”, you need to paste your keywords into the Title, Alt Text and description lines.  BE SURE TO ADD YOUR CAPTION ALSO!

You will be placing your images in one of three places

To the right of the words,
To the left of the words.
Centered below a paragraph.

To place your image to the left or right, click your cursor at the beginning of the sentence where the top of the image will be aligned.  Then when your choices come up, choose left alignment or right alignment.  Also choose medium size and this image should go to the right place.  I know this is tricky.  Sometimes if you don’t like the location.  You will have to delete and try something different to align it properly within the paragraph.  This is why you do one at a time and preview it, to make sure it is in the proper place.

To place your image below a paragraph.  Place your cursor on the right hand side of the paragraph and hit enter.  Now your cursor will be below the paragraph with an extra space.  When adding the image, choose center alignment and large image size.

Add an Image to WordPress

Add an Image to WordPress

There you have it!

Yes, there is a lot to it when you Add an Image to WordPress.  Sometimes it takes time to do things correctly.  I hope this helps and now you know how to add an image properly that will help the SEO of your post.

I hope this has helped you with the proper insertion of your images into your WordPress Blog.  Building a BLOG is a continuous learning process.  I was lucky enough to find a way to learn and continue learning to build a BLOG.  The Company is called Wealthy Affiliate and I would love to tell you about them.

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Can I Learn SEO?

Can I Learn SEO?

What is “SEO”?

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.  Did I say “simple”?  Well, not exactly!  There is a lot that goes into proper Search Engine Optimization.  At the heart of “SEO” are keyword phrases.  These keyword are the phrases placed into your posts that the search engine looks at in order to know where to put it in searches.  With Wealthy Affiliate, they will answer the question, “Can I Learn SEO”?

Can I Learn SEO

“SEO” starts with the naming of your posts

Before you even name your post, you must choose the “keyword phrase” that you are going to use for your post.  This “keyword phrase” will be all or part of the title of your post.  You will be taught by how to pick the most powerful “keyword phrase” to attract the most traffic to your website.

Can I Learn SEO


Your “Keyword Phrase” is then placed inside of your post

Then, it is recommended that you use the “keyword phrase” in the first “header”, the first paragraph and the last paragraph.  It should also be placed in a few more paragraphs of your post.  There should be a good “density” of your Keyword phrase in your post.  You will also be incorporating your Key Word Phrase into the pictures you post.  You will be taught by the proper placement and use of your “keyword Phrase”

“Content” of your post is of utmost importance

You will be taught how to produce the best content for your web posts.  Don’t worry, part of that education is to “be yourself” and write how you write.  You don’t have to be a “perfect writer” to produce good content.  Side Note, Wealthy Affiliate has just announced a new addition to their tool box.  It is called “Site Builder” and will immensely help you in producing good content.

Your Post must have Links:  Internal, External and Back Links

Internal links are links that point the customer and connect them to other posts inside of your website.  This makes for a good way to get between your other posts.  External Link are link that point to links “outside” of your web page.  The search engines like to see them both on all of your posts.  Back links are links that point back to your website from outside sources.  Now, you are ready to publish your post!

You must go though some
other steps after publishing

First step is to get on “Google Fetch”

This is the website that you tell Google.  “Hi there!  I have finished my post and I would like you to look at it and “index” it so it can be found on the Google Search Engine”.  A simple but often overlooked step.  We will show you how.

Share your post on Social Media

Social Media has become so popular nowadays!  You must be involved with Social Media.  Every time you publish a post, you must also share it on all of the social media outlets!  Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to put all Social Media buttons on your page.  And, how to share your page to Social Media.  A must do step!  I have to add here that Google Plus is one of the most important Social Media Tools that you can use.

Share Your Post on Social Media

Share Your Post on Social Media


I know that this is overwhelming

No Worries! will teach you step by step in order to complete all of these task. Let Wealthy Affiliate answer your question:  Can I learn SEO?

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I have finally found the way to make money with my own website. This website was created to show you how to have “Your Own Money Making Website”.