Can I Learn SEO?

What is “SEO”?

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering.  Did I say “simple”?  Well, not exactly!  There is a lot that goes into proper Search Engine Optimization.  At the heart of “SEO” are keyword phrases.  These keyword are the phrases placed into your posts that the search engine looks at in order to know where to put it in searches.  With Wealthy Affiliate, they will answer the question, “Can I Learn SEO”?

Can I Learn SEO

“SEO” starts with the naming of your posts

Before you even name your post, you must choose the “keyword phrase” that you are going to use for your post.  This “keyword phrase” will be all or part of the title of your post.  You will be taught by how to pick the most powerful “keyword phrase” to attract the most traffic to your website.

Can I Learn SEO


Your “Keyword Phrase” is then placed inside of your post

Then, it is recommended that you use the “keyword phrase” in the first “header”, the first paragraph and the last paragraph.  It should also be placed in a few more paragraphs of your post.  There should be a good “density” of your Keyword phrase in your post.  You will also be incorporating your Key Word Phrase into the pictures you post.  You will be taught by the proper placement and use of your “keyword Phrase”

“Content” of your post is of utmost importance

You will be taught how to produce the best content for your web posts.  Don’t worry, part of that education is to “be yourself” and write how you write.  You don’t have to be a “perfect writer” to produce good content.  Side Note, Wealthy Affiliate has just announced a new addition to their tool box.  It is called “Site Builder” and will immensely help you in producing good content.

Your Post must have Links:  Internal, External and Back Links

Internal links are links that point the customer and connect them to other posts inside of your website.  This makes for a good way to get between your other posts.  External Link are link that point to links “outside” of your web page.  The search engines like to see them both on all of your posts.  Back links are links that point back to your website from outside sources.  Now, you are ready to publish your post!

You must go though some
other steps after publishing

First step is to get on “Google Fetch”

This is the website that you tell Google.  “Hi there!  I have finished my post and I would like you to look at it and “index” it so it can be found on the Google Search Engine”.  A simple but often overlooked step.  We will show you how.

Share your post on Social Media

Social Media has become so popular nowadays!  You must be involved with Social Media.  Every time you publish a post, you must also share it on all of the social media outlets!  Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to put all Social Media buttons on your page.  And, how to share your page to Social Media.  A must do step!  I have to add here that Google Plus is one of the most important Social Media Tools that you can use.

Share Your Post on Social Media

Share Your Post on Social Media


I know that this is overwhelming

No Worries! will teach you step by step in order to complete all of these task. Let Wealthy Affiliate answer your question:  Can I learn SEO?

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6 thoughts on “Can I Learn SEO?

  1. Hi!
    thanks for sharing! I think many people can learn from this and WA. I also have a question: does WA teach how to use google fetch? So yes, which lesson of the certification or bootcamp do they cover it?

    again thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the information. Can you tell me a bit more about “Google Fetch” ? I have never heard about this term before. You also mentioned backlinks and what it is, but how do you get the links pointing back to your website? Thank so much for sharing.

    • “Google Fetch” is part of your Google Search Console. On the left hand menu, click on “crawl”. Once that opens you will see Google Fetch. click there. You will then need to do a fetch for both desktop and mobile. After you do those, then you go to the right and click on request linking on each one.

      for your Backlinks: Quora is a great place to work on your backlinks. What you do there is answer questions about Web Sites and link back to your site. When you do answer a question, you want a nice long good answer. Hope this helps!

  3. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great platform to learn about SEO and website building. And I know it probably takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but you make it sound so simple I definitely will have to check them out. I am creating a website myself and I could use some help. Any suggestions on getting backlinks to my site?

    • Hello Charlie, Thanks for your comment. Yes building a site does take a lot of work.

      As far as Backlinks: Quora is a great place to work on your backlinks. What you do there is answer questions about Web Sites and link back to your site. When you do answer a question, you want a nice long good answer. Hope this helps!

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